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Upcoming Clubhouse Rooms

Here are the upcoming Clubhouse room topics:

October 1: Insurance Fraud Awareness--It's Insurance Fraud Awareness Month; learn about red flags in this upcoming room.

October 18: Insurance Fraud Awareness--Continuation of our last discussion on how to recognize fraud in claims and what to do when you see it.

November 1: Topics and Tips for Claims Managers--Learn how to identify "A" players; top skills to become a better manager; pros and cons of a remote team; roundtable + reserves.

November 15: Topics and Tips for Agents--What do you do with "Report Only" claims? When is it time for an agent to be involved in the claims process? Agent v. Broker and the claims process.

November 29: Adjusting Theft Claims--How do you inventory the loss; determining values; safeguard warranties.

December 13: Negotiation Tips with Carl Van--Learn tips on negotiating and bringing your claims towards closure with Carl Van, a claims expert witness and teacher at the International Insurance Institute.

December 27: Topics and Tips for New and Aspiring Adjusters-- room is not set up yet, but watch this space. Or follow The Art of Adjusting on Clubhouse!

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