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Adjuster License


Like doctors or attorneys, most adjusters must have licenses to handle claims and complete continuing education hours including 3 hours of ethics. This chart lists the requirements for staff, independent, and public adjusters.

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Departments of Insurance


Insurance is a heavily regulated field. This department oversees all aspects of insurance within the state. It will handle things such as complaints, fraud investigations, and licensing. 

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Red Flags

Fraud is a deception intended to result in financial or personal gain. It occurs most often when an individual or entity makes a false or exaggerated claim. This is a list of various red flags for fraud.

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Recording Laws


Adjusters record conversations as a part of their investigation, but what are the rules for permission? This page outlines the laws regarding who must know the conversation is recorded. 


Reservation of Rights

Coverage Issues

A reservation of rights is a notification to the insured about potential coverage issues and prevents waiver of the insurer’s rights to deny coverage under the policy at a later date. 

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Texas Stock Laws

Open Range Rules by County

This could be a weird thing to see, but an adjuster needs to know the Open Range or Stock Laws of a particular state or county. If you have information on another state, please send that to us.

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