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Liability Deadlines

Statute of Limitations

This is a list of third-party property statute of limitations. Adjusters should be aware of their state’s particular statute of limitation and if the insurer should notify a claimant of the upcoming deadline to file suit.

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Bed Bug Statutes

Liability Information

Not every state has regulations on bedbugs, but landlords are required to have habitable units for humans.  Premises owners and tenants may both have duties and liabilities in these types of losses.

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Direct Action States

Liability Litigation

In Direct Action States, the legislatures created statutes which allows the third-party claimant to directly sue the insurer. This is a list of the states which allow direct action against an insurer.

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Dog Bite Statutes

Liability Information

Dog is a man's best friend, until he bites someone or livestock. The owner can be guilty of a felony or a misdemeanor in some states. Secured enclosures and warning signs are required in others.

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Independent Counsel

Liability Litigation

A reservation of rights letter in a liability claim may present a conflict of interest between the insured and insurer. This conflict may necessitate independent counsel for the insured, paid by the carrier. 

Drinking Wine

Liquor and Social/Host Liability

Liability Information

Liquor liability policies provide coverage for a business that sells, serves, or distributes alcohol. Social, or host, liability is when a host could be responsible for the damages caused by a person who was given the alcoholic drinks at the party.


Pre-Suit Disclosure of Policy Limits

Liability Litigation

Several states have begun to require disclosure of an insured's liability policy limits and all applicable policies prior to a lawsuit being filed. Usually, the plaintiff may obtain this information in discovery, which would necessitate filing suit. 

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