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We acknowledge that the industry's preferred word for "marijuana" is "cannabis," but the current definition of the word "cannabis" is too broad, scientifically includes the word "hemp," and in some insurance policies, results in a possible coverage issue. Therefore, as a matter of corporate policy, we use the word "marijuana" to refer to delta 9-THC.

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State Medical/Adult Use Marijuana Programs


List of states who have legalized marijuana, if the state is adult use or medical, the statutes and any specific conditions for medical use of marijuana. 

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State Marijuana Regulatory Offices 


List of states' marijuana regulatory offices. 


State Cultivation and Other Important Information


Several states allow individuals to grow plants for personal use. This chart lists some of those regulations along with information such as percentages of THC or CBD which may be distributed.

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State Delta 8-THC Information

The legality of legal weed

Delta 8-THC is known as "legal" weed. It is made from hemp but still gives an intoxicating effect to those who take it. Despite being federally legal through a loophole, some states are banning it.  

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Drugged Driving 

Driving Under the Influence

Hyperlink to NORML's Drugged Driving rules per state. 

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