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Texas Stock Law by County

There are, unfortunately, many accidents involving animals and cars or semi-tractor trailers. Some states, such as Texas, have what is known as "stock laws" and "open range" laws. The laws will state which animals are required to be enclosed in fences. Open Range means that the animal can go where ever it pleases. 

These are important for the adjuster to know so that liability can be determined. If the rancher owes a duty to keep his/her stock inside a fence, and the animal caused the accident, then the driver may not be liable; alternatively, if there is an open range law in the county, drivers should be aware there may be animals on the road. 

This is a work in progress. Please be patient. 

This chart is current as of the date I wrote it, but adjusters should be familiar with their state’s rules. I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the list. Because laws and regulations can change without notice, an attorney should be contacted if there are any questions regarding this chart. These materials are provided for informational and educational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice or legal opinions because I am not an attorney.

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