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Talking about the Arkansas tornadoes

As many of you know, I am from Arkansas, and I asked Bill if he'd be willing to discuss what resources are available for Arkansan insureds and what they should expect in a claim. Also, Bill and I gave terrific concrete pointers on what adjusters can do to help their insureds and move their own claim diaries along.

Listen to the Clubhouse room here.

Google Earth photo (this was my first house in Arkansas-- it was in the direct path of the tornado)

Here are all the links discussed in the room.

054-00-00 Ark. Code R. § 3: Rule and Regulations 43 - Unfair Claims Settlement Practices

Arkansas Insurance Commissioner's emergency order

Arkansas Insurance Commissioner's post-storm tips to consumers.

Arkansas Department of Commerce tornado response one-stop website for tornado recovery resources.

Attorney General, Tim Griffin, notice about price gouging.

When a Disaster Strikes, a pamphlet from the Arkansas Insurance Department. A good resource for Arkansans insureds.

Red Cross 2023 Arkansas Tornadoes page. This page also has shelter information for those who do not have insurance and have no place to go.

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